Jan Woods

Dear Aunt Jan,

This website is a tribute to you, the matriarch of our Peterson/Abraham family on your 80th birthday.

As long as we can remember, you’ve shown love to us through your cooking.  You have provided comfort to us in our mourning, and provided delicious meals to celebrate our milestones, birthdays and special life events.  You have spoiled our whole family with your delicious cooking and we’ve been so happy to indulge in your meals as you’ve searched for the perfect recipe. When we think of your food and discuss your recipes, one of the things we expect you to say is that you added butter…and a bit of cream…hence the website name.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity in serving our family for all of these years. You have created occasions for us to bond together, laugh together and love each other. These days will never be forgotten. We cherish you, and know that when you invite us over for a meal that our bellies will be full and our hearts will be happy.

Thank you for being such a loving Mother, Grandmother, Sister and Aunt to us. We all love you dearly and cherish you deeply. XO

We will also contribute to this website in honor of our family, and it’s love of good food with a bit of cream.


Andrea, Andy and Mia